Vista Green Consulting Group, LLC

Vista Green’s team of experienced medical cannabis professionals will help you navigate the rapidly expanding cannabis marketplace. With over a decade of experience in the medical and adult-use cannabis markets, Vista Green offers clients the support, knowledge and resources they need to succeed in the blossoming legal cannabis industry.

Vista Green Consulting Group, LLC began in 2012. Founder Ron Smalley has since developed a team of professionals from business management, accounting and finance, banking and investments, construction management, law, engineering, marketing, horticulture and cultivation.


We will increase the value of our company and brands by exceeding leadership and operating excellence in every segment of our portfolio

Mission Statement:

Vista Green’s mission is to become an integrated cannabis company with significant market share, while establishing the medicinal, therapeutic, and social benefits of cannabis


Ron A. Smalley Jr.

Co-Founder & CEO

Ron A. Smalley, Jr. has over 30 years in business start-up, senior management, government licensing/approvals, and operations. His entrepreneurial experience includes founding and operating a full-service government-regulated environmental business. As President and Chief Executive Officer, Ron handled all aspects of the business including budgeting, operations oversight, staff recruitment/training, corporate finances, and implementing policies and procedures consistent with governmental licensing requirements and regulations. This experience provided him with operational capabilities and expertise that were directly transferable and relevant to the high growth and government regulated medical cannabis industry in Maine.

In 2011, recognizing the growing patient need and changing legislation, Ron went to work for an early mover medical cannabis start-up company in Maine that had obtained four of the state’s eight medical cannabis dispensary licenses. He was responsible for planning and developing two state-of-the-art cultivation facilities additionally, he opened four dispensaries.

Since 2012, Ron has worked with numerous clients competing for limited licenses in Massachusetts, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Florida, Maryland, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Ohio, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey and Virginia. This delicate process includes interfacing with local and state government officials, site selection, design and engineering activities, construction management, lease negotiations, writing business plans, and proformas.

Ron is renowned in the medical marijuana field as the go-to guy for managing relationships with government officials and the licensing process. His operational in-sights into how cannabis licenses are allocated and awarded is invaluable for new-comers and old hands alike.