Scott Durst

Scott Durst, BS Criminology

Durst Security Group, LLC
Portland, Maine

Career Experience: 33
Industry Experience: 4
Areas of Expertise: Secure Transport, Training, Security Technology, Community Relations and is an Expert Witness.

Company Bio:

Scott formed Durst Security Group in 2014. After returning from overseas he began to focus on improving security and safety in the cannabis industry. He has provided a range of services, including transporting currency from dispensaries to banking institutions around the state. His accomplishments include initiating and implementing a law enforcement liaison program, which bridges the gap between local police departments and dispensaries and provides a good working relationship. Scott and his staff offerregular incident-based training for both dispensary employees and any retail operation. Scott has testified several times before the state cannabis regulatory and implementation board, giving his expertise as the state grapples with legal recreational use. Scott employs highly respected former and retired law enforcement officers and military veterans who have years of tactical and investigative experience.

Individual Bio:

Scott Durst holds a BS in Police Sciences. He specializes in providing discreet armed security for cannabis firms and their professional staff. Scott recently completed 23 years as a Special Agent with MDEA (Maine Drug Enforcement Agency) and holds a “Top Secret Clearance.” In addition, Scott spent 14 years with the Army Reserve with two deployments, nine months assigned to a PSD team protecting the Political Advisor on over 400 missions throughout Bosnia and Croatia, 17 months in Iraq as a Squad leader with the 94th MP combat support company, and a year-long mission in Lashkar Gah, Helmand Province as an LEP, training and mentoring an Afghan covert police team (ISU) Investigative Surveillance Unit.