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The emerging medical cannabis industry is heavily regulated. To be successful, applicants must develop and present a sophisticated business plan that complies with all state and local rules and regulations. In addition, successful plans demonstrate the expertise, organization, and funding to safely and consistently grow, process, and distribute medical cannabis to registered patients and caregivers.

Vista Green provides the following assistance to medical cannabis businesses in the investment, start-up, and application phase of development:

  • Investment and Financing Consultation and Development
  • Market Surveys, Business Plan and Pro Forma Development
  • Standard Operating Procedure Manuals
  • Cultivation Operations and Procedure Manuals
  • Processing and Manufacturing Operations and Procedure Manuals
  • Dispensing and Delivery Operations and Procedure Manuals
  • Safety Operations and Procedural Manuals
  • Cultivation Facility Analysis and Design 
  • State Application

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