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Growing and Processing 
Cultivating a consistent, high quality crop of medical-grade cannabis is what it’s all about.  Vista Green helps clients establish and maintain efficient, best growing and processing practices that maximize yield. 

Vista Green works with clients in the medical cannabis industry to:

  • Calculate plant lifespan management with custom process equipment designs
  • Estimate facility staff level
  • Institute life and safety systems 
  • Use state-of-the-art methods such as (DCS) Distributed Control Systems or (SCADA) Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition for facility master control design

Implement industry best practices that include:

  • Custom climate control
  • Process chamber design
  • CO2 distribution
  • Pest management
  • High pressure cleaning systems
  • Workflow protocol
  • LLS control systems
  • Canopy lighting design with PPFD charts
  • Exact processes cooling 
  • Distributed control systems design
  • Security system design
  • Automated lighting grids
  • Drying racks
  • Cleaning systems, and
  • Automated watering systems

Ready to grow? Please Contact Us to learn how Vista Green can help you efficiently and consistently grow, manufacture, and distribute high quality medical cannabis. 

Customized end-to-end solutions that discerning companies expect.


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