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There’s no doubt that the emerging cannabis market has received a great deal of press in recent years. Much of that reporting has been based on truth, but let’s face it, there’s been quite a bit of hype, too. The savvy investor looking to get into this exciting new industry knows the difference. 

Vista Green’s network of investors, businessmen, and professionals knows what’s what. We advise clients on state rules and regulations governing the industry. Our team connects interested individuals. We evaluate opportunities and help investors protect their investments.

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Customized end-to-end solutions that discerning companies expect.


Develop & License Your MMJ Business
Design & Build Efficient, Compliant MMJ Facilities
Cultivate & Distribute MMJ Products
Business Development & Investment
Cultivation & Distribution Facilities
Medical Cannabis Products & Services
Business & Project Development & Licensing
Design-Build & Compliance
Cultivation, Manufacturing & Product Distribution
Capital Investment & Financing
VG Distributing

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