Application Development

Application Development

Well begun is half done.

Medical cannabis licensing in the United States is perhaps one of the market’s most competitive landscapes. State governments are more demanding with their application processes than ever. And medical cannabis application acquisition alone costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. There’s no room for error. Trust Vista Green’s team of experts to help you meet your goals and gain a foothold in this growing industry.

While legal cannabis is becoming more popular across the United States, it remains federally prohibited. This discrepancy can make it difficult to understand the rules and laws associated with developing a medical cannabis license application. Vista Green will protect you and your investment from the pitfalls even the best of applicants encounter.

In cannabis, like any other industry, it helps to know the right people. Vista Green’s extensive cannabis network comes from over a decade of medical cannabis experience and over 40 years in investment and operations management. We provide our clients with industry-leading knowledge and strategy.

Visa Green will guide you through the application process with a comprehensive approach including:

• Technical Writing
• Customized Content
• Local and State Government
• Community Involvement
• Diversification
• Quality Control
• Land Acquisition
• Staffing
• Security
• Legal
• Financials / Economics
• Criminal History

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