Processing (Extraction)

Every Vista Green client wants to provide medical cannabis patients with consistent, reliable, high-quality product. Many states are hesitant to approve raw flower for patient consumption, increasing the demand for cutting-edge extraction techniques and equipment. Our extensive industry experience and professional cannabis network keep our clients ahead of the competition.

Vista Green collaborates with industry experts across a full spectrum of extraction methods and sources, ensuring up-to-date technological developments and end product consistency.

Extraction Methods:

• Ethanol Extraction
• Butane Extraction
• CO2 Extraction
• Propane Hash Oil
• Rick Simpson Oil
• Dry Shift
• Ice Water Hash
• Full Melt
• Rosin

Cannabis Runs:

• Trim Runs
• Live Resin
• High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE)


• Wax
• Oil
• Sap
• Shatter
• Pull and Snap
• Crumble
• Budder

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