Maine Senate passes recreational marijuana bill

AUGUSTA (WGME) — The Maine Senate passed a recreational marijuana bill Tuesday.

It will head to Governor Paul LePage’s desk, but he told CBS 13 on Friday he plans to veto it.
Governor LePage says he’s not satisfied with what lawmakers are proposing, stating the bill isn’t good enough.

He says one of the main problems has to do with taxes.
The legislation will reduce the number of plants people can have, ban social clubs, and double the tax on marijuana from 10 to 20 percent.

Governor LePage believes users will purchase medical marijuana to avoid paying the excise tax, but sponsors disagree with the governor and say the bill will be better for the market.

“We’ve spent two years working on this bill. I think it will provide for a controlled orderly roll out of recreational marijuana market. And most importantly it puts municipal governemtn at the center of licening process so home rule will count,” Senator Mark Dion (D), 28th district, said.
The Senate approved the bill 25 to 10.

If the vote holds, it’s enough to override the governor’s potential veto.



Maine Senate passes recreational marijuana bill
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04 17, 2018