Calgary starts review of cannabis store applications

The City of Calgary has launched its review of 261 development permit applications for cannabis stores.

Applications will be reviewed for compliance with rules in the Land Use Bylaw, including separation distances from buildings such as schools and payday loan businesses, and concentration of stores in any one neighbourhood.

“We’ll be looking at…population and the number of stores in each community here in Calgary to avoid that over-concentration of cannabis stores in one area,” senior special projects officer Brandi MacInnis said Monday.

Factors in the review will also include whether the location meets the separation distance requirements of the provincial regulations, comments from citizens and the overall compatibility with the community where the business is proposed.

Once an application for a cannabis business has been approved, there will be a three-week appeal period, the city said.

If there are no appeals, the business can then apply for building permits and business licensing.

The 261 active applications are expected to be reviewed by Aug. 10.

Calgary Herald


    Calgary starts review of cannabis store applications
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