Medical Marijuana Delivery Now Approved In Michigan

While marijuana laws continue to change around the world, folks in Michigan have approved the delivery of medical marijuana for patients. This significant change is that the dispensaries will now be able to deliver medical marijuana directly to patients, which comes after new medical cannabis regulations were approved. The move was approved by Michigan’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules, who oversees rules and regulations proposed and implemented by other agencies in the state. To qualify for delivery, you must be a legally qualified patient with a medical marijuana card.

Home delivery services could be a big step in making cannabis more accessible. The changes come as Michigan continues to work to overhaul its medical marijuana program. Along with the new approval of home delivery, the recent legalization of recreational weed is the biggest news in Michigan marijuana news and will go into effect on Dec. 6. This will allow adults 21 and older to consume, possess, buy, and grow cannabis for recreational use. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy stated: “Although the law is not retroactive, in the coming weeks we will assess the tickets that have already been charged, as well as those pending review, taking the new law into consideration.”

This is certainly big news and great news for medical marijuana patients in Michigan.

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    Medical Marijuana Delivery Now Approved In Michigan
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