Ron A. Smalley Jr.

Ron A. Smalley Jr.

Vista Green Group, LLC
Portland, Maine

Career Experience: 26 years
Industry Experience: 7 years
Areas of Expertise: Operations Management, Application Writing, Facility Analysis and Design and Team Building

Company Bio:

Vista Green’s team of professionals has the expertise to successfully navigate all phases of your business, from start-up and application, to designing and building state-of-the-art cultivation facilities, to growing, processing, and distributing your branded cannabis products. The emerging medical cannabis industry is heavily regulated. To be successful, applicants must develop and present a sophisticated business plan that complies with all state and local rules and regulations. Successful plans also demonstrate the expertise, organization, and funding to safely and consistently grow, process, and distribute medical cannabis to registered patients.

Individual Bio:

Ron A. Smalley Jr., CEO of Vista Green Group, has worked with numerous clients competing for licenses in Massachusetts, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, Florida, Maryland, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Ohio and most recently Michigan. Ron has been responsible for interfacing with local and state government officials, site selection, cultivation design-engineering activities, construction management, lease negotiations, writing business plans, and pro-formas. He has assisted with specific SOPs and application writing.



Ron Smalley Jr